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Bulletin October 2009

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Bulletin July 2011

EuPA Bulletin

This bulletin is the official newsletter of the European Proteomics Association. The bulletin is distributed by e-mail through the national societies. Depending on the number of contributions received, at least two issues per year are planned.

The EuPA Bulletin will become EuPA Communication - a dedicated section within EuPA Open Proteomics.

Increased visibility is the great benefit.

The current priority goals of the EuPA Bulletin are:

  • dissemination of the EuPA and the different Proteomics National Society activities and initiatives, its committees, and representatives
  • to be a platform/forum for discussion and ideas exchange on all areas of proteomics
  • To provide information on "who is who in proteomics" (research groups, scientists), books, papers, databases, and announcements of meetings, courses, thesis and job offers
  • brief notes on key methodological or biological issues, complementary approaches, recent relevant literature

Within the EuPA Conference and Communication Committee, the following persons are in charge of the preparation of the bulletin

  • Natacha Turck, University of Geneva, Switzerland, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Concha Gil, Spain
  • Fernando Corrales, Spain

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EuPA Bulletin February 2010

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Bulletin October 2009


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