Conference & Communication Committee

The major missions of the EuPA Conference & Communication Committee (CCC)  are:
  1. Coordination between EuPA General Council and Proteomics national societies for EuPA congress organization.
  2. Coordination of EuPA workshops
  3. Coordination of EuPA Web site development and maintenance
  4. Coordination of EuPA communication projects including flashes, Newsletters and Journal
Members of the Conference & Communication Committee:
  • Fernando J. Corrales (Spain) - Coordinator

further members in alphabetical order:

  • Concha Gil (Spain)
  • Martina Marchetti-Deschmann (Austria)
  • Deborah Penque (Portugal)
  • Paola Roncada (Italy)
  • Natacha Turk (Switzerland)

EuPA Initiatives

The current mission of the EuPA Initiatives Committee (EC) is:
Towards Social Proteomics
Development and maintenance of Initiatives, possessing a flavor of social science perspectives on proteomics. May modern social technologies solve practical problems of large-scale protein/trans-omics science? 

See current list of initiatives and support them by joining.

Members of the Initiatives Committee:

  • Andrey Lisitsa (Russia) - Coordinator
  • Oxana Trifonova (Russia) - Assistant Coordinator

further members in alphabetical order:

  • Tove Alm (Sweden)
  • Garry Corthals (Netherlands)
  • Lennart Martens (Belgium)
  • Ruth McNally (United Kingdom)
  • Åsa Wheelock (Sweden)

EuPA Journals

The current priority goals of the EuPA Journals Committee (EC) are:
This committee was introduced at the GC in Madrid in 2014. Mission statement will be announced soon. 
Members of the Education Operation Committee:
  • Andrew Pitt (UK) - Coordinator
  • further members t.b.a.

Education Committee

The current priority goals of the EuPA Education Committee (EC) are:
  1. Coordination of European-wide workshops and courses to promote and enhance the quality of proteomics knowledge through the life sciences community, general public and governmental bodies.
  2. Coordinate and promote European-wide scientific exchange programs for young researchers to enhance their scientific career and promote cultural exchange and acceptance throughout Europe.
Members of the Education Operation Committee:
  • Karl Mechtler (Austria) - Coordinator

further members in alphabetical order:

  • Manuel Mayr (United Kingdom)
  • Tuula Nyman (Finland)
  • Aysel Ozpinar (Turkey)
  • Paula Picotti (Switzerland)
  • Eduardo Sabido (Spain)
  • Kai Stühler (Germany)
  • Marc Vaudel (Norway)
  • Rene Zahedi (Germany)

Funding Committee

The current Priority goals of the EuPA Funding Committee are:

  1. Create a platform of fruitful cooperations
  2. Setting Proteomics standards at a high level with the support of companies
  3. Provide prospective visibility for the next generation of researchers


Members of the Funding Committee:
  • Albert Sickmann (Germany) - Coordinator
  • further members t.b.a.


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